NEW !!!Astrological symbolic constellation

Every human problem has a deeper meaning or background to it, regardless if it has to do with family, a relationship, if it’s an existential problem or about health issues.

If a human wants to fully “heal” or improve, then one should listen to their soul and not just the body and mind.


The astrological symbolic constellation shows your soul and spiritual reasoning for the current blockade.

Unlike with other constellation methods, the root cause is revealed and it doesn’t matter if it lies within a family entaglement, something taken over from an ancestor, a blocked soul part (a soul recovery), with a lost twin, a survival strategy or in a previous incarnation.


With this, it shows the entire spectrum of solutions on the deepest spiritual level and you reobtain balanced parts, abilities, strengths and potentials, so that afterwards you can walk on solved, new paths.


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Unlike with other forms of constellations, we don't work on the outside with family members, workplaces and colleagues. Instead, with astrological symbolic constellations we work with ourselves, our soul and our soul parts.
With Astrological Symbolic Constellations we have an aid consisting of pictures and symbols. It is a further development of the classic family constellation. 
Elements of your individual birth horoscope are used. With the help of substitutes, which are concealed, roles of blockades, symbols, family members etc. are taken over and therefore problems can be recognized and understood, meaning old blockades and patterns can be unraveled.
From a client who would like to do an astrologicl symbolic constellation I need the exaxt birth date, place and time of birth. Normally you can find that information on your birth certificate.
The process: The client stands for themself or chooses a substitute, you then stand at the edge of the astrological carpet. Then I pick a concealed helper, which means that person doesn't know what symbol, family member or blockade they are representing and I will ask you to pick your place on the astrological mat.
Then I will ask you and the substitutes how you feel, if you feel a connection to the other person or to the place you're standing on, how you feel standing on that specific place and if you would like to speak out on something for you or for somebody else.
It's fascinating because the individual substitutes are very realistic, although they don't know for what or who they are standing. They enter an unconscious field which is made visible through them.
The individuals intuition takes lead here and can therefore bring clarity.
The goal of a astrological symbolic constellation is to work on the problem at hand to make the underlying issue visible and solve it by doing so.
The client experiences and discovers what the current topic mirrors spiritually, where it comes from and what the solution can be. 
This work brings the client in their own power and strength. It is realized that old patterns aren't needed anymore, as they've only hindered them in the past.
The astrological symbolic constellation is always effective, in a playful way, sometimes funny but also serious.
Hidden things that have not been visible for a long time come to light and we get a new perspective and new ways.
We can also look at physical deficits that influence the person with the help of this constellation, as every problem on the physical level hangs together with the spiritual level.
We have often unlearned how to listen to our body and therefore our mind, too.
Through the further developement of the classic constellation to the astrological symbolic constellation it has given us the possibility to bring a person onto soul level and into self-responsibility so they can realise and solve the issue.




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